Frozen Foods

The most innovative frozen products for the professional kitchen

The world is advancing and so is the Food-Tech Industry! 

After over 10 years of research, the famous Italian brand Barilla has developed a unique product for the professional chef making Italian cuisine easier than ever to create. From a range of products including different kinds of pasta, filled pasta, sauces, and ready meals these products appeal to everyone’s taste. 

Our line of Barilla’s frozen products offers a fast and practical way to serve your customer’s various pastas and sauces. The pre-cooked meals, kinds of pasta, and sauces are frozen right after being cooked guaranteeing freshness and quality. These products offer many benefits for the modern FoodService Sector including cost efficiency, preparation time efficiency, ease of making them, technological innovation, and safety. 

This line of products optimizes every aspect of cooking saving time and money while making no compromise to taste at all! 

Vendingchef brings convenience and guarantees the highest quality products. The professional line offers a unique taste like no other and is suitable for various solutions!